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The perks of being cauliflower

Why do we hate cauliflower? Let me count the ways that the cooks of our childhood ruined what’s become the hottest vegetable on South Florida restaurant menus.
Cauliflower used to be boiled to the texture of baby food, steamed into oblivion or doused with cheese sauce. Cheez Whiz, anyone?
It seems chefs have learned their lessons from cooking Brussels sprouts, those darlings of every gastropub menu that now seem so five years ago. As with sprouts, roasting brings a sweetness to cauliflower. It can taste nutlike when seared just so.
Chefs are slicing cauliflower into “steaks,” and roasting it with Middle Eastern or Indian spices and cooking it on charcoal grills.
Here are thirteen South Florida restaurants that are rescuing the long-mistreated vegetable.

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