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Organic Cocktail from Farmer’s Table

You might be thinking, how can a cocktail be healthy for me?  Let’s start with the basics of Farmer’s Table: They use two-thirds less salt than other restaurants and cook with no cream or butter. They source from local farms as much as possible, buy the dirty dozen organic, and only serve sustainably caught, captured or raised seafood. Almost all of their herbs are grown on-site.

“We try to keep our footprint as small as possible,” says co-owner Joey Giannuzzi.

Now let’s get to the drinks – the mixers are made in-house with fresh juices and organic syrups. There’s both a juice menu and a “Garden to Glass” menu.

“We grow a lot of stuff out front [of the restaurant] for our cocktail program-the rosemary, the basil-anything that goes into our drink is truly garden-to-glass. When the bartender comes in, the first thing they do is snip the herbs for the evening,” Giannuzzi says.

Of all the tempting libations, the Spa Day cocktail is the most popular. “It’s a refreshing drink-and well-balanced,” Giannuzzi says. “We actually juice the cucumbers that go into it and the mint is grown in the garden. It’s a pretty big production here.”

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